Wood Pellets Cooler Machine

Introduction :

Counter flow cooler machine is the latest cooling equipment that contains our many years’manufacturing experiences and unites international advanced cooling technology, the

machine is mainly used for cooling finished pellets with high temperature.

Features of Counter Flow Cooler

1. Counter Flow Cooler Machine is currentlty the more advanced new cooler ; it uses the principle of counter current , Cooling the high temperature and high humidity materials .

2. Vertical Wind Pass through the material layer , and touch the materials first , then the wind turn hot gradually and touch with the hot wood pellets , the wind direction is opposite with the raw materials direction , make the pellets cooled gradually, avoiding the pellets surface cracks due to its sudden cooling by touching with the cold wind . The air enters into the cooler from its bottom fully , wide entering area, high utilization rate, low energy consumption, easy operation, the cooling effect is remarkable.

3. Particles cooled sufficiently and evenly , using a unique slide value is a mechanical vibration nesting , smooth operation, nesting smooth , granular temperature after cooling is not higher than 3-5 degree .

Advantage of Counter Flow Cooler
1. After cooling pellets temperature don’t exceed room temperature +3-+5°C.

2. Shut down automatic nesting with the unique effect, to avoid cross-contamination between feed.

3. Unique nesting box nesting force.

4. Our cooler machine standard with the secondary spiral separator used in combination.

5. Suitable for cooling a variety of pellets material.

ModelPower (kw)Output (t/h)Capacity (CBM)Power of fan(kw)


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