2021 Best Pellet Machine, Affordable Pelletizer Machine for Sale at Cost Price

Introduction of our pellet machines :

Our new generation wood pellet machine is developed and improved with our experienced technician and test in this field for years . And now it has been approved as stable working machines for pellet production by our local and abroad customers .

It adopt the large modulus hardened surface helical gearbox , main shaft reinforcement , Power output is strong , Good stability , Low failure rate ,Low production cost, so it is the first choice machinery for biomass energy industry .

The Following Specification Details of TAICHANG Pelletizer Machine

1. Raw Materials : Sawdust , EFB , rice husk , bamboo , grass , palm shell .etc

2. Power :90kw/110kw/132kw/160kw+1.5kw+1.5kw+0.37kw+0.55kw

3. Capacity :1-3t/h

4. Overall Dimension :2200mm ( Length)*1300mm(Wideth)*1600mm (Height )

5. Pellet Diameter :6mm ,8mm, 10mm,12mm , Pellet size can be customized as clients’ requirements .

Pellet Length :10-30mm can be adjusted as clients’ needs

6. Motor Brand : best brand in China ,Siemens optional

7. Bearing brand : Harbin standard bearing or SKF famous brand bearing

8. Including the Automatic lubrication system , fan blower and bag dust collector

9. Delivery time : 15-25 working days delivery the goods after paying this order .

Advantages :

1. Vertical hopper: can avoid the raw material be stuck in granulating room

2. Double-layer dies of pellet maker: can reduce client’s cost for the spare parts , increase the efficiency of pellet machine

3.Motor of biomass pellet machine use best brand in China. This kind of motor is frequency and has thick copper coil, it won’t be burned due to instantaneous current.

4.Electric components of pellet mill adopts famous Delixi brand, which can ensure the quality and after-sale service.

5. Electric control cabinet of biomass pellet machine adopts Invt brand frequency converter, famous brand with higher quality

6. Reducer of biomass pellet machine adopts professional pellet mill reducer, which can ensure the quality and after-sale service.

7.Bearing of wood pellet machine uses Haerbin brand from the Haerbin main workshop

8.Independent research and development steel ring replace of traditional Viton pad, which won’t leak materials. It barely needs to replace which reduce the maintenance cost.

9.Cooling system combines cyclone dust of pellet press collector and bag dust removal, which avoids jam caused by the mixing of water vapor and dust

10. Unique automatic lubricating system:lubricate the bearing, dies and roller, increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption. It can work continuous 20 hours.

1. Q: General questions to design the production line for you?
<1> What is your raw materials? (to confirm mould pressure ratio of machines )
<2>What is the moisture content of your raw material?
<3>How many output capacity do you want per hour / month/ year?
Note: If the moisture is high, you need a dryer, because the suitable moisture content to enter hammer mill is 30%. And please provide us above detailed information, then we would design the most suitable production line with reasonable offers.
2. Q: How long is your guarantee?
A: 12 months warranty but except quick wearing parts.
3. Q: Will you send engineers to install the machines?
A: Of course. Our company has professional installation engineers team and specialized after-sale service team. When the machines arrive your factory, we will send our installation engineers to your factory at once. Our engineers will help you to install the machines and training your workers how to operate the machines and mentain the machine,
4. Q: Voltage requirement ?
A: Our machines can use 380V, 220V, 240V, 415V, 480V, and 50Hz, 60Hz.



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