Pellet Production Line, Complete Wood Pellet Production Line

Main Steps For Wood Pellet Production Process :

Hereby we show you the detailed process for making wood pellets ,if you need more detailed information ,please drop us message below :

wood chips making machine from China factory wood chipper machine wood chipper

Name: Drum Chipper

Function : our drum chipper machine is used for processing big size material like wood ,log branches ,waste veneer ,bamboo etc into smaller wood chips size ,the feeding size can be adjusted according to customer material.

Output after wood chipper : wood chips size ,3-5cm ,the more the knives ,the smaller the wood chips

sawdust hammer mill machine from taichang pellet production
sawdust hammer mill machine from taichang pellet production

Name: Hammer Mill Machine /Crusher

Function: Our hammer mill machine is used for milling the wood chips from the first section into smaller sawdust size ,by crushing the wood chips by hammer mill knives and seperate by screener ,the output sawdust size is within 5mm

Output sawdust size after hammer mill :<5mm

3. Drying Section

sawdust dryer machine

Name: Rotary Dryer Machine

Function: Our drying machine is used for drying materials from hammer mill machine ,with the combination of heating stove and fan ,it can remove the moisture of the sawdust ,from maximum 60% to 10% ,which is suitable for making pellets directly

.Finished sawdust moisture after dryer machine : 10-15%

4. Wood Pelleting Section

wood pellet mill wood pellet machine from China factory
wood pellet mill wood pellet machine from China factory

Name: Wood Pellet Machine

Function : Wood pellet machine is used for pressing the dried sawdust into chips size ,the structure is roller assembly and ring die ,the output pellet size is 6mm ,8mm and 10mm .Finished pellets: 6/8/10mm.

(Asian Market standard: 8mm; European Market standard: 6mm)

5. Cooling Section

wood pellets cooler machine from taichang
this picture show the cooler machine fow wood pellets production

Name: Cooling Machine

Function:Cooler machine is used for cool down the temperature of the pellet from pellet mill ,temperature from 60° to 25-40°

Finished product : After cooler machine ,the pellets temperature can be lowered to standard ,which is ready to pack in plastic bags .

6. Packing Section

Name: Packing Machine

Function : packing machine is used for packing wood pellets into small bags ,from 15-50kgs .we also have jumbo bags ,which can pack into 1000kgs per bag

Finished products : after packing section ,the pellets will be packed into bags ,which is easy to be transportated .

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