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We design our drum chipper in a manner that it is able to match customer requirement and work as per industry standard. Our team of skilled designers ensures that every product whether compact or commercial is highly effective and gives the desired outcome with minimum power consumption.

Drum Wood Chipper For Sale

  • Enhanced material for the drum chipper body and spare parts, longer lifetime for woring
  • Over 15 Years experience in manufacturing, reputated for reliable quality and after-sales service
  • OEM/ODM accepted, capacity from 500kgs/h to 50tons hour, different colors acceptable.

Drum Chipper Introduction

The drum wood chipper is a crusher tool that can crush wood, branches, trunks as well as other materials right into wood chips. Mostly used in the wood-based panel manufacturing industry and the product preparation section of the paper mill. The mainly processing materials are logs, tree stumps, bark, branches, tiny diameter timber, bamboo, board bark, collecting secondary fuelwood residue, cotton stalks and other non-wood fiber stalks. The machine has a wide feed conveyor for arious materials, but also suitable for chipping big products that are too thick (greater than the height of the feed port), too slim (listed below 10mm), also short (below 200mm), also slim (listed below 2mm) and uneven (Undecomposed tree stumps, branches, etc.) 

Drum Wood Chipper Application


Main use: The chipper can cut logs, branches, wood, slabs, waste veneers, bamboo, cotton stalks and other non-wood fiber stems into pieces of a certain specification, which can be used as chipboards, fiberboards, non-wood wood-based panels and The basic raw material of pulp and paper, advanced machine structure, high-quality cutting material, wide adaptability of raw materials, convenient operation and maintenance. It is widely used in particleboard production and processing, medium and high density fiberboard production, furniture factories, power plants and many other fields.

Industry Use for Wood Chips made by Drum Wood Chipper


Why Choose Us?

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Drum Chipper Machine Factory Direct

Over 20 years experience for manufacturing all kinds of chipping machine, strong R&D team to offer reliable quality machines to customers' requirement.

Quick Reply

7-10days for production time, quick after-sales answer within 12hours.

Strict Quality Control

Each parts of the machine, need verified and well tested in our factory, ensure the best performance for working at customer side.

Satisfying Support

Always online for any situations occurs at customer side, help customers solve the problem during drum chipper machine working.

Get Your Drum Chipper to Rocket Your Business

If you are looking for a reliable drum chipper manufacturer in China, Taichang can be your best bet. To make sure that we manufacture quality products and are able to meet the demands of the customers, we have a large spread manufacturing unit which is equipped with state of the art machineries and production unit.

With more than 17 years of experience we have gained expertise in manufacture superior quality products. Moreover, Taichang is known to render customizable products to meet your needs and requirements.

Differ Working Site for Wood Drum Chipper

Wood drum chipper processing waste veneer.

Every plywood factory will generate tons of waste veneer every day, the waste veneer can be processed by our drum chipper to smaller size, which can be recycled and reused in their local burner and boiler.

High capacity drum chipper processing wood branches

Our drum chipper for sale can process bulk waste wood branches by high capacity, max 50ton/h ,the final produces wood chips can be sold to papar mill factory or burned in the local burner .

Taichang Drum Chipper Feature

We make use of quality tested materials and state of the art technologies to manufacture our drum chipper machine thus ensuring its durability, longevity and performance. Compact design, sturdy constructing, high-performance are synonymous with Taichang

wood chipper machine in stock

wood chipper machine

wood chipper machine before delivery (1)

wood chipper making machine

wood chipper machine before delivery (3)

wood chipper machine in stock

dynamic balance testing

The rotors of wood chipper for sale all passed the dynamic balance testing

strong abrasion for heavy duty

Feed roller of wood chipper adopts 45# Mn steel. This kind of steel has strong abrasion, precise bite force, so it can reduce damage for the chipper.

Premium Quality Parts

Knife roller with 2-4 knives which can be adjusted up and down based on the thickness of wood chips required. Wood chipper blade use H13 material, It can cut hard wood and service life is more longer.

Strong body of wood chipper

Drum chipper machine material is Carbon steel Q235, can run stably without ground foundation. Machine body is welded by high strength steel plate forming the integrated support base.

wood chipper machine before delivery (4)

biomass chips making machine

wood chipper machine during exhibition

wood chips making machine from china factory wood chipper machine wood chipper

wood chipper machine in stock (4)

wood chips making machine from china factory wood chipper machine wood chipper

Different Capacity Drum Chipper for your Choice



Power (kw)

Feeder Size (mm)

Chips Size (mm)

Weight (T)























Tips for Buying Best Drum Chipper from China Suppliers

In order to serve you better, please try to provide the below information:

1) What is the material to be crushed? If timber, what kind of wood?
2) Hardness?
3) Moisture content?
4) Maximum diameter of the material to be crushed?
5) Maximum length of the material to be crushed?
6) Required production capacity?
7) Required chips size?
8) What will wood chips be used for ? ( making wood pellets? For biomass power plant? Etc)
9) Working location of the machine?
10) Other special requirement which you think necessary to let me know?

Then we will recommend suitable model based on your actual needs.

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